What is Academic Advising?
  • Developing meaningful educational plans that satisfy degree requirements
  • Select appropriate courses
  • Understanding the implications of student choices, academic performance and academic standing
  • Understanding how to take advantage of special opportunities like internships
  • Identifying college resources and services (Career & Transfer Services, Counseling Services, Learning Centers, and Disability Services)
  • Interpreting policies and procedures
  • Developing decision-making skills and self-direction
  • Clarifying and evaluating progress toward life and career goals
Advising Terms to Learn
  • Programs of Study
  • ORIN 0101 Freshman Seminar
  • Core Curriculum
  • Add/Drop/Withdraw Courses
  • Financial Aid Appeals
  • On Campus Resources
  • Transfer Courses
  • Registration
  • Degree Audit
  • Early Alert Program
  • Student Academic Standing
  • Graduation
My TSC Online

MY TSC Online

Web Advisor

Web Advisor

Web Advisor

  • Financial Aid info
  • Class schedule
  • Register for classes
  • Degree Audit
  • Enrollment verification
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Final Grades
Associates Degrees and Certificates

Associated Degrees and Certificates

Associates Degrees and Certificates

The classes you need will depend on the certificate or degree you have selected

  • Certificate Level One
  • 18 – 32 credit hours
  • Certificate Level Two
  • Up to 43 credit hours
  • Associates
  • Up to 42 credit hours of Core
  • 18 or more credit hours of electives
  • Associates of Applied Science
  • Designed to enter into the workforce
  • Associates of Arts or Associates of Science
  • Designed to transfer

Typically takes more time to complete the higher you go.

Where can you find your Program of Study / Degree Plan


Program of Study

  • Go to TSC Web site  > MY TSC
    • 1.Click on My TSC
    • 2.Log in
    • 3.Click on Degree Audit
  • Go to TSC Web site  > Programs
    • 1.Click on Programs
    • 2.Select program of interest and catalog year
  • Visit the Academic Advising Center
What is a Degree Audit?

What is a degree audit?

*aka – Degree Evaluation

  • Allows you to keep track of your Academic Progress
  • Allows you to see the course you have completed and course you have pending
  • Accessible online under MyTSC

Note: Be aware of the courses scheduled per semester from your Program of Study (POS)

Note: Some courses are only offered once a year, Fall or Spring

  • If you decide not to take a course in the semester it is offered you may have to an entire year to take your course
  • This adds time to completion of your degree
Review: Information provided by Degree Audit

Degree Audit Info

  • List of courses needed to complete your degree
  • Academic Status
  • GPA
  • Proposed Program
  • Degree Audit allows you to see which courses can be used for another Program of Study
  • Timeline for graduation



Core Curriculum – the “basics”

Visit: TSC Web site > Academics > TSC General Ed. CoreCore Curriculum – the “basics”

  • Consist of 42 credit hours, under 9 component areas
  • Transferable to any other Public institution in Texas
  • College Level courses
  • Students must pass all three areas of TSI to begin taking college level courses


Core Curriculum – the “basics”

Academic Advisor & Student Responsibilities

What steps to follow?  How do I Prepare?

Advisors assist students with:

  • Academic and Admission advising
  • Degree and Certificate planning
  • Assessment Interpretation (TSI scores)
  • Information on Academic Programs
  • Course Placement and  Course Selection
  • Registration Assistance
  • Assistance with dropping or withdrawing from a course
  • Referral to On-Campus Student Services
  • Referral to Community Services
  • Change of Major
  • Graduation Requirements (degree audit)

Prepare to meet with your Advisor

  • Keep a copy of all documents given
  • Follow your Program of Study
  • Identify courses you would like to take by logging on to MyTSC > Degree Audit
  • Take your proposed schedule with you
  • Utilize a schedule maker to create a weekly schedule
  • Keep track of your progress
  • Write down any questions you have

Prepare to meet with advisor

Current Articulation Agreements
  • South Texas College- Applied Science & Criminal Justice
  • Marymount- Associates of Arts
  • Western Governors University
  • Texas A&M University (TAMU) -Engineering
  • Texas Tech University – Architecture
  • UT-San Antonio
  • TAMU-Kingsville
  • Lamar University


  • Teaching
  • Biomedical Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Criminal Justice
  • Business Administration


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